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Pottery as a traditional work started since the early history in Palestine. Latter on influenced by the Armenian on the beginning of the last century when the British brought some Armenian artisan from Turkey to repair some holy sights on Jerusalem. So the pottery industry is found in Palestine many years ago before the Armenian came to Palestine. In the begging of the twentieth century the industry shifted from producing practical stuff for daily living such as Jar and candles etc to decoration stuff with different motifs and design. Also, the industry concentrated more recently in presenting stuff that are more suitable for tourist, visitors who would like to buy a remarkable gist from the Holy Land. On the seventh, many schools and collages in Palestine started to teach this industry for its students. The polytechnic college in Hebron offer diploma certificate on ceramic and recently the International Center of Bethlehem College started a new post graduate diploma program on ceramics as well. Beside the diploma degree, many schools teach ceramics as part of its Art classes as a traditional industry in Palestine. Therefore, ceramics became more known among many people in different part of Palestine beside Jerusalem. The design and the different motifs on ceramics are mainly Palestinian traditional design but many of them are also Armenian design which introduced in Palestine by the Armenian immigrants who came and settled in Palestine and influenced this traditional industry. The production process is a long one that started with shaping the clay into the needed stuff such as plate, bowl, mug.....etc. After the shaping of the clay, it is then placed in the ceramic oven in about 1000 degrees.  The second step is painting it and decorating it with the different design and motif.  The third step is glazing it and sending it back to the oven to guarantee that the design will be permanent one as well as able to be used. The process is mainly done with different artisans but still is pure handmade and hand painted.

Product care instructions for the Ceramic, kitchen products  

Ceramic products can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher. Stains are most easily removed by scrubbing with a coarse sponge and washing-up liquid. ceramic also are safe for use in a microwave oven.

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