Image1. The Holy Family Workshop was established by Ashraf Jaraiseh in 1991, it has two workers. The Holy Family workshop produces many models of olive wood items such as Crosses, Figures, Charms and bells.

2. Is’eed Mother of Pearl Workshop is well known in producing Mother of Pearl Brooches. This workshop was established in 1971 and the number of workers is three. Michael Is’eed is the founder of this workshop.

3. George Gharib Workshop was founded in 1986 and it has three workers. The workshop produces many kinds of Olive Wood Pendants and Christmas Ornaments.

4. Tamer Workshop was established in 1970 by Elias Sim’an El-Yateem. The workshop has seven workers who produce many items of Mother of Pearl Shells, Brooches and Mother of Pearl Crosses.

5. Odeh Workshop for Olive Wood. The workshop was established in 1983 by Majed Odeh and it has twelve workers. Jewelry Boxes were their main products, yet the workshop produces a variety of olive wood items such as candle holders, Holy Families, toys.

6. Al-Farah for Eastern Handicrafts produces many kinds of olive wood crosses in many sizes and many kinds of candleholders.
This workshop which established in 1986 by Khader Khair and has eleven workers.

Image7. Al- Hilal for Mother of Pearl Workshop was originated by Johnny Hilal in 1975. The workshop has three workers and is managed by Awad’s son, Johny Hilal. The workshop produces Mother of Pearl Crosses, Shells, Wall Plaques, Jewelry Boxes in many sizes.

8. Fahd Al- Atrash factory for Eastern Handicrafts was established in 1980 by Fahd Al-Atrash and his sons. This factory has six workers. The kinds of items that are produced are Wall Plaques, Figures, Jewelry Boxes, Shells and Crosses made out of Mother of Pearl.

9. Bannoura Workshop for Eastern Handicrafts has four workers. It was established in 1979 by Jamal Musallam Bannoura. This workshop produces all kind of Figures in many sizes.

10. Salman for Eastern Handicrafts was founded in 1950 by Anton. The workshop has twenty workers who produce all kinds of rosaries and figures in many sizes. Anton works with his brother As’ad who is also a member at the Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society.

11. As’ad Beads

12. Attallah Workshop for Eastern Handicrafts was established in 1995 by Ra’ed Saleh. The workshop has three workers. The kinds of products are figures and Grottos in many sizes.

Image13. Al-Atrash Workshop was created by Jeries Al- Atrash in 1996. The workshop produces a wide variety of Olive Wood Crosses. The workshop currently employs one worker in addition to the owner.

14. Al-Shady Workshop was established in 2001 by Shady Ghareeb. The workshop produces artistic Grottos and it has only one worker.

15. Abu- Hiba Workshop has five workers. The workshop was founded in 1995 by Attallah Ghareeb. The main products of the workshop are Grottos and Crosses in many sizes.

16. Good Shepherds Workshop was established in 1994 by Bassam Abu-Farha. The workshop has nine workers who produce a wide variety of Olive Wood Christmas items.

17. The Shepherds Field Artistic Workshop was established in 1976 by Nimir G. Rishmawi, it has six workers and they produce all models of Olive Wood figurines, Nativity and Last Supper scenes in addition to artistic Chess Sets.

18. Abu- Sa’da for Eastern Handicrafts was established in 1970 by Kamal Abu-Sa’da. The workshop has eight workers. The main products are all kinds of carved Figures.

19. Al-Rasim for Eastern Handicrafts was founded in 1975 by Rasim Hussein and the workshop has five workers. The kinds of products are Christmas items, Grottos, Crosses and Wall Plaques.

20. Abu-Farha for Eastern Handicrafts was established in 1981 by Naji Abu-Farha, the workshop has three workers. The products of this workshop are all kinds of charms and small crosses.

21. Is’eed Workshop for Mother of Pearl was originated in 1971 by Karam Is’eed. The workshop has three workers and the main products are rosaries made out of olive wood and Mother of Pearl.

Image22. Elias Nicola Musleh: Elias Musleh started his workshop in 1970 after working for many years in other workshops. The workshop initially produced mother of pearl plates, brooches and pendants and had five workers. In 1990 the workshop developed the production of the same items into Olive Wood and added some other items, such as Chalices with the Last Supper engraved on them.

23. Jeries Khalil Bannoura: Works with Kamal Abu Sada (olive wood)

24. Hanna Judeh Is’eed: Hanna produces rosaries made of Olive Wood beads. Recently he is specialized in making rosaries made of the core of the olive fruit itself. The workshop also produces crosses and brooches made of mother of pearl.

25. Issa Hanna Ghanem: The Ghanems’ workshop was established in 1975 and has 5 workers. The workshop produces a variety of needle work and embroidery, including Shawls, Stalls, Cushion covers, bags, purses etc.

26. Khalil Saliba Qumsieh: Mother of Pearl workshop. Was established in 1964 by Khalil and his brother Atallah. They have had 10 workers at that time. They produced all kind of MOP brooches, peace doves, earrings, bracelets, crosses and Mother of Pearl jewelry boxes in all sizes.

27. Younan Salameh Qumsieh: He established his workshop in 1960. His workshop produced a mixture of Olive Wood and Mother of Pearl products. He has three workers in addition to his son, who is now running the workshop. He produces all kinds and sizes of O.W and MOP crosses, Jerusalem crosses, rosaries, wall plaques.

28. Naji Jeries Qumsieh: The workshop was established by his older brother Nakhla in 1965 to produce mother of pearl items. The workshop has five workers and they produces brooches, earrings and items plated with mother of pearl.

29. Raja Saliba Bannoura: Shepherd’s Field Work Shop was established in 1970, has 12 workers, the workshop produces figures and nativities available in many varieties of design and sizes.

Image30. Sa’ed Is’eed, Mother of Pearl

31. Imad Abu Sa’da: Out of the Country, Embroidery

32. Issa E’maya: Issa E’maya, Olive Wood factory

33. Victor Abu Aita: Out of the Country, Olive Wood factory

34. Naji Odeh Qumsieh: mother of pearl, rosaries and candles factory

35. Jamal Khair

36. Sami Awwad

Each member gives work to women and to people with disabilities at their premises.
Our artisans are able to produce any new design upon customer request.

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